The CREAM (Computing Resource Execution And Management) Service is a simple, lightweight service for job management operation at the Computing Element (CE) level.

CREAM accepts job submission requests (which are described with the same JDL language used to describe the jobs submitted to the Workload Management System) and other job management requests (e.g. job cancellation, job monitoring, etc).

CREAM can be used by the Workload Management System (WMS), via the ICE service, or by a generic client, e.g. an end-user willing to directly submit jobs to a CREAM CE. For the latter user case a C++ command line interface and Java clients are available.

CREAM exposes a web service interface.

ICE (Interface to CREAM Environment) is the WMS service dealing when interacting with CREAM based CEs.

It basically has the role that the Job Controller (LC), Condor and Log Monitor (LM) play when dealing with non-CREAM CEs

This web site should be used for installations up to gLite 3.2. For EMI installations please refer to the new web site