BES/JSDL interface to the CREAM service

OGSA-BES and JSDL are two recent specifications which address interoperability between job management services across different GRID systems. OGSA-BES (Basic Execution Service) is a WebService-based specification for an interface to job management services. Jobs submitted to a BES-enabled service are described using JSDL (Job Submission Description Language), which is a notation based on XML which can be used to describe a computational job and its requirements.

While the CREAM legacy interface is not BES-compliant, a prototype BES/JSDL-enabled CREAM has been developed by the OMII-EU project. The CREAM-BES service exposes two separate interfaces: the "legacy" CREAM interface, and the BES/JSDL compliant one. Both interfaces can be used at the same time. This activity has been documented in the CREAM-BES OMII-EU wiki.

The old OMII-EU CREAM-BES code needs to be adapted to the current gLite CREAM server, as it has been developed on an old version of CREAM. This page documents the porting activity of the BES interface to the gLite CREAM server.

Building from sources

CREAM (and its BES interface) use the ETICS build and test system.

etics-get-project org.glite
etics-checkout --project-config glite_branch_3_1_0 -c org.glite.ce.1_9_WITH_BES org.glite.ce

Note that despite the configuration name, the org.glite.ce.1_9_WITH_BES configuration actually contains dependencies on the 1.10 branch.