REGISTERED: the job has been registered (but not started yet)

PENDING: the job has been started, but it has still to be submitted to BLAH

IDLE: the job is idle in the Local Resource Management System (LRMS)

RUNNING: the job wrapper which "encompasses" the user job is running in the LRMS.

REALLY-RUNNING: the actual user job (the one specified as Executable in the job JDL) is running in the LRMS

HELD: the job is held (suspended) in the LRMS

CANCELLED: the job has been cancelled

DONE-OK: the job has successfully been executed

DONE-FAILED: the job has been executed, but some errors occurred

ABORTED: errors occurred during the ``management'' of the job, e.g. the submission to the LRMS abstraction layer software (BLAH) failed.

UNKNOWN: the job is an unknown status