This page refers to the gLite version of CREAM. For CREAM released with EMI, please refer to the new CREAM wiki:

The following cron jobs are installed on a CREAM CE (in /etc/cron.d/)

  • bdii-proxy
  • cleanup-grid-accounts
  • edg-apel-pbs-parser (only for PBS/Torque)
  • edg-apel-lsf-parser (only for LSF)
  • edg-pbs-knownhosts (only for PBS/Torque)
  • edg-pbs-shostsequiv (only for PBS/Torque)
  • fetch-crl
Cron job that downloads and install the CRLs for the installed CAs
  • lcg-expiregridmapdir
Cron job that recycles pool accounts as needed
  • locallogger.cron
  • mom_logs (only for PBS/Torque)
Cron jobs that gzips old mom log files
  • server_logs (only for PBS/Torque)
Cron jobs that gzips old pbs server log files