• Install the following RPMS
    • boost-1.32.0-1_EGEE
    • glite-ce-cream-client-api-c
    • glite-ce-monitor-client-api-c
    • glite-ce-wsdl
    • glite-essentials-cpp
    • glite-lb-client
    • glite-lb-client-interface
    • glite-lb-common
    • glite-security-gsoap-plugin
    • glite-security-voms-api-c
    • glite-security-voms-api-cpp
    • glite-wms-common
    • glite-wms-ice
    • glite-wms-utils-exception
    • glite-wms-utils-jobid
    • gpt-VDT1.2.2rh9-1
    • gridsite-1.1.15-1
    • vdt_globus_essentials-VDT1.2.2rh9-1
    • The RPMs of the CAs to be enabled
Wrt a standard WMS, only the following RPMS must be added:
  • glite-ce-cream-client-api-c
  • glite-ce-monitor-client-api-c
  • glite-wms-ice
  • Create a user glite
  • Add in the login script (e.g. .bashrc) for the user glite the execution of the standard script /etc/glite/profile.d/glite_setenv.sh
  • In case set the variables:
    • X509_VOMS_DIR, for the VOMS cert directory (default: /etc/grid-security/vomsdir)
    • X509_CERT_DIR, for the CA certificate directory (default: /etc/grid-security/certificates)
  • Add in the WMS conf file (/opt/glite/etc/glite_wms.conf) a section for ICE. See the ICE configuration.
  • It it possible to start/stop/restart or check ICE status with the following command:
/opt/glite/etc/init.d/glite-wms-ice [start|stop|restar|status]

  • You can simulate the WM behavior, inserting submission/cancellation requests to the ICE input queue via the putFL and putFL_cancel utilities:
    • putFL [--conf <conf file name>] [--help] --ad <jdlfile>
    • putFL_cancel <filelist> <gridjobid>
    <conf file name> is the base name of ICE configuration file
    <filelist> must be the same of the input parameter of the ICE section of the WMS file
    <gridjobid> is the Grid job ID for the job to be cancelled
    <jdlfile> is the name of the JDL to submit through ICE
    putFL --conf ice.conf --ad test.jdl
    putFL_cancel /var/glite/ice/ice_fl https://...
    An example of JDL may appear as follows:
    [ ce_id="grid001.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-pbs-long"; 
      LB_sequence_code = "UI=000003:NS=0000000003:WM=000000:BH=0000000000:JSS=000000:LM=000000:LRMS=000000:APP=000000"; ]