These lines explain what is and how to use the ICE's Job Cancellation tool: glite-wms-ice-rm (usually located in /opt/glite/bin ). When a site admin needs to cancel one or more jobs managed by ICE she/he can use this command. It will read needed information from ICE's database to send the JobCancel request to CREAM for a given Grid JobID (or for more jobs).

The first and mandatory parameter to specify is the WMS configuration file name (usually glite_wms.conf) as argument of the switch --conf|-c. Then it must be specified one or more grid jobids that the admin wants to cancel:

glite-wms-ice-rm -c glite_wms.conf <GID1> [GID2 ...]

At least one <GID> must be provided.

The other possibility for the administrator is to ask the cancellation of all jobs currently managed by ICE. This is achieved specifying --all|-a instead of <GID1>.

It is also possible to specify the grid jobids to be cancelled on a file (to be specified as argument of the switch --from-file). In this case glite-wms-ice-rm will check that the jobids specified in that file actually exist in the ICE's database; for the non-existing jobs an error message will be printed, while the cancel is done for the existing ones.

glite-wms-ice-rm -c glite_wms.conf --all
glite-wms-ice-rm -c glite_wms.conf --from-file joblist