This web site should be used for installations up to gLite 3.2. For EMI installations please refer to the new web site

The interface with the underlying Local Resource Manager (LRMS) is implemented via BLAH.

All the resource management systems supported by BLAH are automatically supported by CREAM. The supported batch systems are now LSF, PBS/Torque, SGE and Condor.

For what concerns Condor, it is supported in the BLAH component (the component of the CREAM CE responsible to interact with the underlying resource management system). However in gLite 3.2/sl5_x86_64 the glite-CONDOR_utils package (which includes the yaim configuration module, the apel accounting component and the information provider) is not yet available. A patch (patch #3626) is currently being prepared by PIC, but it is not fully clear if it will be finalized.

As noted by the EMI PTB, there are currently no EMI partners behind Condor, and therefore glite-CONDOR_utils won't be likely provided and supported by EMI.