This page refers to the gLite version of CREAM. For CREAM released with EMI, please refer to the new CREAM wiki:

 From nodeFrom portTo nodeTo port 
CREAM and CEMon services{UI, WMS}*CREAM-CE8443 
Gridftp control{UI, WMS, WN}CCREAM-CE2811 
Gridftp data{UI, WMS, WN}CCREAM-CEC 
Notifications by BLparser and JobWrapper{WN, Blparser host}*CREAM-CE9091Specified by LRMS_EVENT_LISTENER_PORT in CREAM conf file
CREAM job sensorCEMon host*CREAM-CE9909Specified by CREAM_JOB_SENSOR_PORT in CREAM conf file. CEMON Host is usually the CREAM CE
LB localloggerWNCCREAM-CE9002 
LB localloggerCREAM-CECLB server9001 
mysqlCREAM-CE*mysql-server3306By default the mysql server is the CREAM CE
Old BLparser listening portCREAM-CE*Blparser host33333Specified by yaim variable BLP_PORT
Old BLparser CREAM listening portCREAM-CE*BLparser host56565Specified by yaim variable CREAM_PORT

C: Controllable Ephemeral range (e.g. 20000-25000). Note: In practice, although this port-range is locally configurable using the GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE environment variable, the values applying at a remote service cannot be predicted. consequently reliable connection can only be established if all ports >1023 are left open for outbound connections.